• Electronics design

    from proto to series

    • Embedded systems
    • High speed data acquisition
    • Control, sensing and display technologies
    • Analog sub-systems

    We specialize in proof-of-concepts. If you want to test your ideas don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Dynamic web systems

    from user stories to hosting

    • Applications built with MVC frameworks
    • SaaS software delivery models
    • Cloud hosting

    We will be glad to assist you in your project!

  • Software development

    from foo to bar

    • Embedded and general C/C++
    • Embedded Linux
    • Real time systems
    • DSP & algorithms
    • Lightweight desktop programs with GUI


Contact us

To discuss the solutions we can provide, please contact us either via email contact@muiku.com or by calling +358 40 821 6443.

You can also join #muiku @ IRCnet.